Luxury Festival Accommodation

The Camp Kerala Glastonbury Story...

Camp Kerala was founded in 2005 to offer the ultimate in luxury accommodation at Glastonbury Festival.

Elevating the experience of the festival to the next level, it has become "unquestionably one of the most glamorous places to be in the UK"(Vogue)

Renowned for its chilled out atmosphere, Camp Kerala is many things to many people: a stunning boutique hotel, a no-holds-barred party, a place to relax and enjoy gourmet food, exquisite cocktails & the laughter of friends.

To us, it is all of these & more. Inspired by the wonderful things seen in hotels across the globe, our ambition has always been to create a world that enhances, rather than serves, the festival.

With founder Jen Oldland's eye for luxury & attention for detail, it is the "extra mile" things that make Camp Kerala your home:

24/7 logistics and "tent service" teams, a spa for treatments, cocktail mixologists for drinking morning, noon or night, the Kerala Cocoon for fancy dress. You'll be staying in one of our beautiful, bespoke Shikar tents & have the best tickets to the festival (unless you're actually performing)

Camp Kerala is about enjoying the world's best party in the ultimate style.

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