The CK History

Like many things in life, serendipity is to thank for Camp Kerala's creation.

In 2000, Jen Oldland set her heart on a derelict farm in Somerset. Packing up the bright lights & legal fights of life as a criminal barrister, she & her family relocated to a house with no electricity, no running water & barely a roof. Suffice to say her kids weren't quite so enthused.

With the somewhat shrewd estate agent neglecting to mention what lay on her new doorstep & legal land searches throwing up nothing untoward (with the onset of Foot and Mouth in 2001 & a traditional lay year in 2002) all was quiet in this beautiful corner of Somerset.

Nothing could have prepared the family for what was to come in June 2003.

Like the meadows that surround them exploding into colour with wild flowers, the valley erupted into Glastonbury Festival. 180,000 people all having the time of their lives, a feat that must be very rare to find anywhere else on earth.

Exploring the Festival with Michael Eavis, Jen fell in love with its energy & laid-back atmosphere. A year later, she sat with the dogs overlooking the Festival. This spellbinding place unfurled before her, like The Field of the Cloth of Gold. Seeing it, she realised she had to share it with others, to let them experience this view.


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